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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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What’s more surprising is that a few Starbucks were actually CLOSED in Fresno this year, by Starbucks. Not sure why.
They reorganised some of their provision over the past couple years. It created quite a stir (lol at the accidental pun) because it was a major shift in their business model which has traditionally been aggressively expansionist. The consolidation phase seems more or less complete now and expansion is occuring again.

It’s strange when there’s a Starbucks (not just ANY coffee place) in a store ... and then another in the same shopping area. Just seems strange
The duplication is partly accidental (build one cafe, it reaches near-saturation point, can't enlarge it, so build a second one instead), partly about increasing marketing presence (eg if on different floors), and partly because some of those may be concessionary outlets within other stores rather than full-blown Starbucks cafes.

(I remember reading all this stuff in a magazine - I think the Economist - a while back, so forgive me if some of the details from memory are a bit off)
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