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Re: Typhon Pact: Zero Sum Game Review thread

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It isn't necessarily an error.

They often have a small batch of books around the US release (I have received quite a few in the past), but if that first batch has dried up after a few days, I guess their next delivery comes from the UK, hence the 4 week delay after that.
That seems to be the case here. In fact, I pre-ordered my copy from amazon Germany a few weeks ago and got it delivered last weekend.

Short Review of the book...

Zero Sum Game was certainly a good read, but not a super great one.
I really liked the Breen Culture that David Mack developed. It was nice seeing one of the more boring races of the Trek Universe turned into an absolutely fascinating society. I especially enjoyed how David Mack integrated those ugly masks into the picture.

While I always enjoyed Bashir as a Character on DS9, even in his darker stages in Seasons six and seven of DS9, I just didn’t really care for his lonely and miserable self here. Bashir used to know how to have fun, now he can’t find new friends and is just moping around because of a bad break up? I don’t know. On the other hand we have Sarina, Superspy. I don’t remember Chrysalis that well, but she seems like a totally different character. Granted, her real self was just developing at that time of the Episode.

The "B Story" involving the Aventine, I've found more appealing. I like Ezri as a Captain and the interactions of her crew were fun to read. It was a nice counterpoint to the doom and gloom of Bashir’s story, although the stakes were equally high. The Cold War atmosphere, the danger that a single misstep could lead to an interstellar war, worked really well.
I was pleasantly surprised to see, that our favorite UFP President played quite a large role in the story. We will probably never get Articles of the Federation Part 2, so a little bit of Bacco here and there is always welcome.
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