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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

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Did he think that maybe she would find the idea of learning his language unpleasant?
I think it wouldn't occur to him she'd like to learn it. He had to, because it was his job. It was his duty. My Cardassians are not allowed to learn foreign languages, because it would be treason (imagine the Obsidian Order asking you this: why do you learn it? Are you their agent now? What do you need to learn it for? There are universal translators, why aren't they sufficient for you?). It changes now, in post-war Cardassia, but he still has that mindset.

So he is surprised. His perspective on languages is different than others, because he is a communications officer - he carries a secret that only his gul and gul's aide know about.
Of course there are officers who know that a comm officer speaks not only Unionese, but those who know wouldn't talk about it.

Nerys Dukat wrote: View Post
I wonder, do you think there's any way they could help her to use what she as a human has, more effectively, so that she can keep up with them a little better? I actually think they might be worried about insulting her by asking or ordering her to do something like that, but I wonder how they'd respond if she asked (probably by asking Karama).
You need to wait to see what ideas Gul Tarkan has about her different brain.
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