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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

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As for Karama...I wish I could see into his head. I at least hope he's happy that Kapoor is learning his language.
I'm not sure he knows what to think. He is friendly, because it's his nature (yeah, I know, the Ullmann Incident doesn't prove it ), but he doesn't expect her to adapt to a point she learns the language. He took it upon himself to be her "guide" through Cardassian world, but he doesn't seem to understand how deep it's going to get.
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The scene in engineering...I wonder if the guy who took over for her was surprised to see a human get so absorbed in her duty? Was I wrong to almost hear a bit of laughter in his voice when he told her that she was doing his job? He DID smile at the end, at least...
Maybe that, maybe also the fact that she wasn't "punctual". For my Cardassians following schedule and time is a show of respect. You are late - you don't respect someone's precious time and you don't respect them. Here's a bit opposite - she didn'ton time. I think he was a bit amused.
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I hope she didn't introduce anything into the system that shouldn't be there, though. If she did, Zamarran and Ya'val won't take kindly to it.
I think in the beginning all her work is going to be checked against errors and such. Not that they don't trust her and expect her to do something malicious - she just doesn't know their systems that well and... her memory isn't eidetic, so she can't memorise them as fast as Cardassians could.
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