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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

Hmmmmmmmm...interesting little dialogue between Kapoor and Karama.

I can see that deep down, the way Karama behaved towards Ullman DID bother Kapoor on some level. That will have to be dealt with in some way if they want to be friends...I just hope it can be in a conversation where they'll be sensitive to each other's feelings.

As for Karama...I wish I could see into his head. I at least hope he's happy that Kapoor is learning his language. (I hope she didn't just make a major mistake with what she said, though.)

The scene in engineering...I wonder if the guy who took over for her was surprised to see a human get so absorbed in her duty? Was I wrong to almost hear a bit of laughter in his voice when he told her that she was doing his job? He DID smile at the end, at least...

I hope she didn't introduce anything into the system that shouldn't be there, though. If she did, Zamarran and Ya'val won't take kindly to it.
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