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Re: Would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV?

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Can anyone else remember which film proved the franchise was dead when it crushed ST:N in the box office?
iirc, it was Maid in America with Jennifer Lopez
Almost the correct answer (it was actually called Maid in Manhattan). You win absolutely nothing....

(I'm no Nemesis fan, by the way, though i thought Insurrection was badly underrated. But this explains why Paramount can afford to be so lazy - they're still making good money off what is generally considered a failure. Why be creative?)
That disaster is what motivated their sorry asses to stop being so lazy, when they realized that they were frakking up a valuable franchise so badly that a dumbass Jennifer Lopez vehicle could beat them. Either that, or JJ Abrams just waltzed into their offices one day and offered to solve all their problems because he had a hankering to make a Star Trek flick.
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