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I'm buffering more YouTube vids immediately. The first few were plenty entertaining (and you called them slow!) but this -- this is epic.
The first videos are fun; the first few nights of the game are the most challenging because you don't have proper shelter or resources, so X dies a lot more in the early videos than he does later on. But it's pretty much videos of X collecting resources, digging a cave, and putting up a wooden fortress. Once he's finished with the basics of the game, that's when he starts work on Mine Shaft 1, and that's when the series really took off.

As for epic, nothing can match the scale of the attempt to create a 1:1 model of the Enterprise-D, or the recreation of Bioshock's Rapture.

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Me and my friends were mad about it for quite a while, though I was kinda lucky in a way that for some reason my laptop didnt seem to like it, otherwise all my free time would be gone
Both my desktop and laptop seem to love the game, so my life is screwed.
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