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Re: Typhon Pact: Zero Sum Game Review thread

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Really hope there's something planned to follow up on that last scene. Someday.
after reading The Calling, i believe Mr. Mack has some crazy fascination with ending stories with a question mark. kind of what Hitchcock said. that the human mind with its imagination far surpasses anything you can film. that ending just screamed sequel. and i think its something we have to get used to.

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^^I had no idea about the release date being this Tuesday.
I checked on updates about the book and noticed that it was "in store". So I ordered it.

To be honest, I was wondering why there were no review threads popping up around here.
apparently they fixed their mistake then. just checked. now my german is a but rusty, but it says 4-6 weeks until delivery.
might as well stick with my original order from should arrive in mid-november.
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