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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

Where is the Klingon version of Lang or Ghemor, of Alidar Jarok or M'ret? Who embodies the promise and uncorrupted pride of Klingons as these characters do for Romulans and Cardassians? Worf doesn't count- he was raised in the Federation. It seems to me that Klingons are not shown actually working against their dysfunction, in contrast to Romulans, Cardassians, etc. Yet because of the alliance- or more to the point, because the Federation is involved with them- those Klingons somehow are presented as "better" than Romulans or Cardassians. "Being the Federation's ally" is shown as more important to the "hero factor" or "the good guy factor" than "living up to ideals, virtues, striving for a better way of life". In other words, everything the Federation is supposed to represent is discarded from relevance when considering alien societies- all that matters is that they're "on the Federation's side". far as Worf was concerned, Martok seemed to count....

Now, I know all about Martok's reactions to Septimus Three. Still, considering what we know about him, I'm not convinced he himself knew about any butchering or massacre. I'd say he thought of it this way: those at Septimus Three were old warriors, but warriors nonetheless.

I would imagine he'd have had it be a quick death, without suffering. He would consider slow painful deaths--especially over the defenseless--as truly contemptable.

(A story idea I'm toying with. Some years after the war--perhaps when the Typhon Pact is forming--the Empire and the Union clash over this very incident, threatening the peace of the Khitomer Alliance--and Martok is forced to confront the atrocities that he is only now realizing he'd helped to commit....

What do you think, Nerys?)
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