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I stumbled across that cavern complex a couple of days into playing and found a single diamond ore nearby. I mined it, dug up to the surface for easy access to the cavern (turns out I was under the water ), and I built a base there last week. Since then I've searched the cavern on and off looking for all the resources I can find, but I've only found 1 more diamond. I see videos online of guys like X finding diamond veins with 4 or 5 diamonds in a single area and I get jealous. I want a diamond pickaxe to mine obsidian, but I'm one diamond short.

On the plus side, I have enough coal, iron and redstone to last me a long time. I've given up on mining for now due to post-traumatic stress from an attack by three skeletons, two zombies, two creepers and a spider, all in the vicinity of some lava. After that, I went to my holiday home on the other side of the island, that's my happy place.
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