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Re: "Blood & Chrome" to move forward

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Stern said actor Nico Cortez was "great" as young Adama in the 'BSG' movie 'Razor,' but it is not certain that he will take the lead in 'Blood & Chrome.'
I wouldn't get too worried about this. They can't say they're sold on him in the role without screwing their bargaining position. He'll have the role if they can work it out, and why wouldn't they? He isn't a big name but this could be a high profile role for him.
And they more or less said as much in the article. Its Nico's job to lose.

As for same, it could be tricky. When dealing with two time periods of the same story, you have to be careful. Joe Adama, we know his destiny so an aged Esi Morales could guest star without giving too much away.

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