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Re: "Blood & Chrome" to move forward

Stern said actor Nico Cortez was "great" as young Adama in the 'BSG' movie 'Razor,' but it is not certain that he will take the lead in 'Blood & Chrome.'
I wouldn't get too worried about this. They can't say they're sold on him in the role without screwing their bargaining position. He'll have the role if they can work it out, and why wouldn't they? He isn't a big name but this could be a high profile role for him.

I'd also love the chance to see Sam again. They can figure out some rationale why he "forgot" the old days. If Daniel is the "father" in the goo bath, we don't need to lose him. Zoe certainly can still exist. Maybe the best elements from Caprica can be merged into B&C. I'd love to see Saul Tigh as a young toaster. Who should play the role? If only they could afford Sam Rockwell!

At risk of getting roundly booed here, there are a few elements in Caprica that might be interesting to explore in a series like Blood and Chrome.

For example, in Caprica, it doesn't appear that the Colonies actually united until the start of the Cylon War, and that there's some huge cultural differences between them. It would be interesting to see thuggish Taurons and pragmatic Capricans and jihadist Gemenons and, say, (presumeably) inordinately bossy Leons on the same crew...
You won't hear any booing from me. That all sounds great!
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