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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

There weren't a lot of body language cues, because the way Macet acted in "The Wounded," he always came across as very, very restrained in terms of his mannerisms. Especially when you compare Macet with Dukat, it's very striking. To me, Macet has a bit in common with Vulcans, but not to that extreme. Stoic, but not without emotion. Spirodopoulos isn't to the same extent, but I definitely think that around the Cardassians, he's quite restrained.

I agree that Federation "perfection" is disturbing. What's worse is that they claim "perfection" but what they really have is political pragmatism. They ally with those with whom it's convenient.

I think that the Cardassians, who were trying to implement reforms, were deserving of a MUCH more committed defense than they got, from the Klingons who were feeding on Changeling rumors, betrayed their treaty, and attacked Starfleet targets just because they wanted to go a'viking. The Cardassians were trying to fix themselves. The Klingons were anything but. Why the Federation wanted to jump right back in bed with the Klingons--I will NOT understand. Who knows what would have happened if they'd done that, and REALLY gone to the mat for Cardassia?
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