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Re: Is FanFiction Illegal?

The Klingon Ghoul wrote: View Post
I don't need to read the entire declaration of independence to have a discussion on the 1st amendment.
That would be pointless. There is no reference to the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution in the Declaration of Independence, since the former document would not be written until 1787, eleven years after the Declaration.

See, reading is good.

In any event, reading beyond the couple of sentences you copied doesn't support the contention that fan fiction is protected or even addressed by any relevant court rulings or body of law, so the point of presenting that material here was to demonstrate...what?

MirrorKes7 wrote: View Post
And if the author says "no, please don't do this," a la Anne Rice, then I think that should be respected.
Yes, rather like respecting the security guard stationed at the mall door when attempting to shoplift. It's a good idea to respect the owners of things who can have you up before a judge.
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