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Re: "Blood & Chrome" to move forward

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Oh, I'd enjoy that as well. That's one of the aspects about Caprica that I do find fascinating.
I can see it now...

Aquarianon: Commander! There's Cylons off the starboard bow!
Commander Caprican: General Quarters! Stand by to launch Vipers!
Tauron: (mutters) Frakking Capricans....I ought to kill him...
Leon: Yeah, frakker's not the boss of ME...
Picon: I'd rather be surfing or fishing.
Libron: Where's the justice in this?
Gemenon: Justice is in the hands of the One True God.
Tauron: Frakking Gemenons. Maybe I oughta kill you instead.
The American Dream? You're looking at it.
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