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Re: Smallville 10x05 "Isis" - Discussion and Spoilers

I pretty much always expect every episode of Smallville to be a "trainwreck" or at the very least lame, corny and material to watch with my brain shut off. That way, I'm pretty much never disappointed. Even the "trainwreck" episodes of Smallville warrant a "Good" from me because that's just how low they've set their own bar!

So either the episode will be "average" (which is a "Good" episode), it'll be awesome (mythos episodes, an excellent), a "trainwreck" (any episode that plays the wacky music of hijinks or has Clark giving another character an "Oh, you! grin or even Clark being completely lost in a situation also resulting in a goofy grin and goofy music, or the episode will be a terrible disaster (any episode dealing heavily with Lana, with witches, or Lana AND witches.)

So, really, I expect tonight's episode to be on-par with pretty much any episode in the past that dealt with Clark gaining a new power or stunt guest-casting episodes.

So, here's a question. Will we get a Product Placement episode this year? (Like the Stride Gum episode?)

What will it be? I think it'll be Silly Bands... made of METEOR ROCK!!!
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