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Re: My Janeway costume

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Froot wrote with no regard for the children int he forum

I would like to marry this mug and have its mug children.

The internet tells me that there is/was a woman who was married to the Berlin Wall (She is quoted as saying that the great wall of China may be bigger than her husband, but it's obviously a bit thick.) and there's another woman who married the Eiffel Tower.

I know it's legal to marry the dead (think historical figures, not the freshly burried.) in France but 5 minutes of googling couldn't prove if marrying these erections was at all legal more so than symbolic.
I remember seeing five minutes of a tv show about the woman who married the Eiffel Tower. I turned over before she could describe how she had sex with it

Captain Kirk totally had objectophillia for the Enterprise. He got a little weird in a few episodes with nutty speeches, and worse in a few old novels.
Star Trek Imponderables, fun mashups of Trek's biggest continuity errors! Ep1, Ep2 and Ep3
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