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Re: 'Hellraiser' (2012) remake aiming for PG-13 crowd

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^ It didn't make anywhere near as much as Friday the 13th (1980), but is on a par with Elm Street, it made back 20 times its $1 million budget just in theatres, so I imagine its been a good money spinner over the years since.
Wow. Guess I was wrong. I don't know how I got the impression that it didn't do that well. Maybe because the franchise kind of fizzled out faster than the others. Certainly I thought Nightmare was far more popular. Of course, I was in elementary through Jr. High in the '80s, and Freddy was huge with that age group for like, 8 years, so my recollection is probably skewed a little. I knew a kid that made a Freddy costume for halloween using pencils wrapped in foil as the claws. Everybody thought it was awesome.
The Elm Street series had 2 big hits for a franchise with part 3 & 4, at a time when the Friday movies box office returns had severely dwindled. In the late 80s when I guess you and me were both kids ( I was 10 when Elm Street 3 came out) it was a lot more popular.

Plus, I think Freddy has entered into the public conscience to a greater degree because he is an actual wise-cracking sadistic character rather than a silent slasher guy in a mask, and the films are much more entertaining, in my opinion. They at least try to change things around, approach from a new angle, unlike the Friday films which are mostly exactly the same apart from the occasional shifting location.

I made a Freddy glove out of Mechano. It was truly awesome, had jointed fingers with hinges, the metal backplate, everything.
So it goes.
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