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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

I think its the timing of it, and the cack handed way it's been done that utd fans are annoyed at. Of course players move on; take Ronaldo etc, but Utd's best player has effectively ruled himself out of the next 2 months until the window opens, seriously can anyone see Rooney playing again before he's sold?

Want to leave your club and move on, fine, but spitting your dummy out when you can't even be sold for months smacks of unprofessionalism...then again this is Wayne Rooney who hasn't exactly covered himself in glory in the last six months. Slagging off England fans, betraying his wife, dissing his team mates...

Ronaldo may be a bit of a dick at times, but compared to Roo he's a model pro.

And you're right, English football is shifting, unfortunately its shifting in the wrong direction. Rather than becoming less about money it's becoming more about it, and the players are changing, which in one way is good, the dominance of Utd and co the last 20 years hasn't always made for the most exciting of seasons, but in ten years maybe we'll be talking about the rise of Billionaire owned Bolton Wanderers winning the Champions League and Man City narrowly avoiding administration
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