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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

Wow, there's a grim thought. Just how many people will have Died waiting for Exeter to return? It's been long enough, I suspect accidents alone have already taken out a surprising number of folks who wanted to see the episode's finish, only to feel the ultimate burn.

How many last thoughts began or ended with, "But what of Exeter? What of Exeter..."

Is there a place to donate funds to finnish the last act? Paypal? Yes we can!
Ah! Where heartfelt whining and pleading Fail, perhaps cold hard cash can Prevail. Just buy the guy's life and put it to use finishing up the latest chapter of Exeter and kickstarting the next one!

Well, rubber monsters maybe... those Tressaurians and all!
Hey, they may be made of rubber, but they're always groovin' to a song only they can hear.
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