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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Fuck him. Greed, pure and simple. Take the money asap, he's not the player he was anyway.

Back in real football land, Cardiff cut QPR's dominance to two points, Derby get a fantastic away win at Doncaster and Forest rub salt in Boro's wounds. A good night.
Yup a very good night for all three teams; I still can't believe we're 7th! Will it last, who can say but its nice to be on a run of good form for a change.

As for Rooney, gotta love the damage limitation of making it all about the Glazers, clearly his head has been turned somewhere down the line and whatever the reason, he's gone about it in a cack handed way. Have to say though, Ferguson's knack for getting rid of players at just the right time may have deserted him this time; Fergie of old would have likely sold Rooney before the WC!

But lets not be too hard on the lad, prostitutes don't pay for themselves you know...
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