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Paranormal Activity 2 Discussion and Grading

Haven't seen a thread on this...probably because there are so few that are actually interested in the sequel. I saw the original (before the alterations) last year and absolutely loved it. I realize that these types of movies aren't for everyone and that they can either scare the shit out of you or make you bored to death and that seems to be the consensus of the first film.

So now a year later and becoming one of the most profitable films of all time, Demon Katie is back and haunting her family now. Some of you may remember that I originally was against this sequel, as a lover of the original film I consider Katie and Micha dead, the victims of a tragic unexplained incident. Hollywood though sees more money and a potential franchise they can muck around with.

I've seen most of the viral material online and the trailers have impressed me so far. Going to see this on Sunday afternoon. Anyone else planning on checking it out? Katie is back, it's a mystery so far how Micha factors into the movie but he is supposed to return as well. I'm actually pretty excied about the film.
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