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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

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For A Few Dollars More: This one is more colorful than its predecessor, and the relationship between Eastwood (called Manco here) and Lee Van Cleef (playing Colonel Mortimer) adds a note of levity, despite both characters being bounty killers. There's some silliness, though. Leone demonstrates that he has absolutely no idea what the effects of marijuana are, adding some unintentional comedy to scenes that want to be played serious. There's also a peculiar lack of blood in the repeated flashback where the young man in pristine white pajamas is murdered--the pajamas go without a scratch. Still, overall, it's a much more slick film and providing Eastwood with a few one-liners doesn't hurt at all.
For a Few Dollars More is my favorite out of the trilogy; it has the best music, the coolest 'feel'...and some cool leading characters.

I recently saw:

*Dead Man
*The Vanishing American
*My Darling Clementine
*Love and Death (The funniest Woody Allen film I've seen)

Currently watching:

*Brokeback Mountain

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