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Re: Venture Brothers

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It has become apparent through the last couple of seasons how Jonas Jr., a man who spent forty-some years being poisoned in darkness, is actually less dysfunctional than his twin brother. It's kind of weird, but it also makes Rusty seem like a better father, not just in comparison, but in that he manages to not be completely abhorrent given his own upbringing.
You could make a very good case for Jonas Jr. being so confident and well-adjusted because he didn't grow up with Jonas Venture as a father.

And I disagree about Dean. He remains my favorite character on the show. I like how both boys are growing up this season and discovering who (and what) they want to be outside of the Venture super-science tradition. I'm rooting for both Hank & Dean to beat the odds and become well-adjusted adults (probably a pipe-dream, I know).
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