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Piranha 3-D the sequel: Piranha 3-DD

Surprised we didn't do a 'grade/review' thread on this when it came out back in August.

I admit, I saw it for all the cheesy goodness it contained. Suffice to say I didn't go for plot, we all get in those moods and have our guilty pleasures. So, if this type creature-feature is your thing and you liked P:3-D more is coming.

Piranha 3-DD
In the best news I’ve heard all day, Deadline reports that Dimension Films has hired a director and team of writers to make a sequel to the best movie of 2010, “Piranha 3D”, entitled “Piranha 3 DD”, which is both a fitting and wonderful name. John Gulager will take over Alexandre Aja’s director’s chair, and Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunston will tackle the script.
The goal is to have the sequel in theaters and chomping away on topless coeds by August of 2011, in an attempt to cash in on the fact that “Piranha 3D” outperformed any and all expectations (it cost $24 million to make and $20 million to market, while raking in $71 million so far).
James Cameron must be shaking his head in disgust...
Double D, nice way to have fun with the title. Especially when you follow this.

So who did see this? Do you want more of the same? Are these even related to the prior two films, meaning would a box set contain 4 films.
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