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Re: 'Islands of Space' novel & concept from Jack Williamson

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Just to clarify not 1930
"Islands of Space"
Author John W. Campbell, Jr.
Publisher Fantasy Press
Publication date 1957
Pages 224 pp
As you yourself quoted, the 1957 book was an expansion of the original stories. I'm referring to the original work of that title, which saw print in 1931. So I'm off by only one year, not 27.

The book can be read online here:

As for teleportation, that concept was already over 60 years old when Williamson wrote One Against the Legion.
The earliest of all, according to Sam Moskowitz, was "The Man Without a Body"
by Edward Page Mitchell [New York Sun, 25 March 1877]. Sam Moskowitz calls
this "the first fictional exposition yet discovered of breaking matter down
into energy scientifically and transmitting it to a receiver where it may
be reformed."

The adverb "scientifically" is used by Moskowitz, one presumes, to
eliminate the earlier but more fantasy-oriented "Helionde" by Sidney
Whiting (1855) where the protagonist dreams that he is dissolved into vapor and
transmitted to an inhabited Sun.
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