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'Islands of Space' novel & concept from Jack Williamson

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And let's not forget John W. Campbell's 1930 novel Islands of Space, which postulated an FTL starship employing a drive that "warped" space and which was powered by matter-antimatter annihilation.
Just to clarify not 1930
"Islands of Space"
Author John W. Campbell, Jr.
Publisher Fantasy Press
Publication date 1957
Pages 224 pp
The novel is an expansion of stories that originally appeared in the magazine Amazing Stories Quarterly.

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And Jack Williamson coined countless terms that became standard in SF and reality, such as "terraforming," "android," and "genetic engineering."
and also Jack Williamson
possibly came up with a transporter:
Another novel, One Against the Legion, ...tries to conquer the Solar System via matter transporter technology he has stolen.
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