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Re: 'Hellraiser' (2012) remake aiming for PG-13 crowd

So how are the going to pull off having a room full of sinners de-skinned with razor chains with a PG-13 rating? Oh that's right, they won't. What are these people thinking? If you want to create a new teen horror franchise, why tarnish this one (more than the sequels did of course)? "Pinhead is cool" is why, and that's all. I'd expect the new movie to have nothing to do with the original, other than maybe someone finding a puzzle box and having to battle monsters or some stupid shit.

For God's sake the original Lost Boys was rated-R in 1987, was a cult teen classic, and made five times it's budget in tickets, why are we moving backwards?

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I hate Hellraiser. Awful movie.
Says the guy quoting Friday the 13th Part 6 in his sig.
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