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Re: We have lost TrekBBS moderator Mallory.

doubleohfive wrote: View Post
Has there been given any thought to maybe having a special, limited forum/page to commemorate BBSers who have passed away? Obviously it would be some work to make, but being that we now have at least three BBSers (at least, three I can recall) who have sadly left us - Nibbles, Techman, and now Mallory - is this something we could do?

I know the In Memoriam thread for Nibbles is still stickied back at the beginning of Misc, and I know we have the smilies for both Techman and Mallory ... but I think it might be nice to have a memorial for our friends who have left us.
I think this is a really great idea. I myself wasn't particularly close to any of them, but all of them certainly left their mark on this board and on the lives of all who have posted here over the last several years.

It's a nice idea to do something to remember them.
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