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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

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makes me appreciate just how fragile the design really is.
This looks just like AUTOCAD.
It was definitely a tight squeeze getting those lines up and around the accessway. I'd intended to come in underneath but there is simply no
space. The feed lines are the exact same diamater going down the pylons as what is internal to the nacelles so that they'll mate up without major problems.
I was thinking from your internal plans There might be reason to re-hardpoint the hull in accordance with these under hull Air Locks in these unused and odd shaped spaces near the hull.

Fabricate primitve transporter emitters for the out side.
Emergency hatches
Small integrated flush vents
waste dump hatches
Utilities hatches could be added along the secondary hull spine for starbase hook up.
Even those famed but never seen retracting phasers.

This is just a great guide to what the exterior should look like instead of the completely smoothed surface. Infact this could actually dictate what the hull plating should look like as well...something we haven't seen on this design.
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