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Re: Venture Brothers

Rock solid ep. Maybe a 3 1/2 out of 4?

Firstly, it's always great to see Orpheus. I don't know about anyone else, but I would totally watch a spinoff Order of the Triad show.

I suspect we're going to see 21 vs. The Monarch as this season's finale. And it will be awesome.

Rusty's brain is one fucked up joint. The little tale at the end is less funny than it is rather horrifying. It has become apparent through the last couple of seasons how Jonas Jr., a man who spent forty-some years being poisoned in darkness, is actually less dysfunctional than his twin brother. It's kind of weird, but it also makes Rusty seem like a better father, not just in comparison, but in that he manages to not be completely abhorrent given his own upbringing.

The Monarch's (rather lame) attempts to force Rusty into suicide were pretty cute, too.

On the minus side, Dean has rapidly become my least favorite character. Not to say I dislike the little milquetoast, but his sissiness is getting a little annoying.

Also, there could've been a spectral 24 appearance. Just sayin'.

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