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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order

WHAT?! That Federation captain didn't even bother to use Kapoor's rank! What an insult! It was bad enough with Zamarran, but doubly insulting with Kapoor.

Jeto's outburst...painful on SO many levels. She went over the line, big time, and it's very clear that she is the one who started the fight. I'm sorry to say, though, some of the Roumar crew did stoke the fire. While Ma'Kan was right that Jeto was wrong to blame all Cardassians for what happened to her mother, for Ma'Kan to claim that Damar had a reason for killing Ziyal flew against ALL reason. She should have at least--even if she didn't know the state was engaged in revisionist history (which she should have since she knows people who DID know Damar) known better than to say that to that particular audience. And of course while Jeto was the first to use racist language, Ma'Kan was the first to throw a punch.

I am glad Zamarran was able to swallow any pride that may have been offended by Jeto and lay down the law. Hopefully he will make the point as well once she's back on the Roumar, and she will learn that even if other people act like uncivilized boors with you, that you are not entitled to do it in return.

And the same for this Federation captain--I REALLY hope that he will give Jeto more than a slap on the wrist. I'm sorry to be cold, but part of being a member of any military is that your duty comes first, and your personal problems second. IF he intends to keep Jeto on this mission (and I doubt the wisdom of doing that), she has to get that point.

Both commanding officers lost in the end, though, because they didn't intervene sooner when they saw the situation getting bad. Was it because they both wanted their woman to win and prove a point? Not sure with this Federation captain, and with Zamarran I'd like to hope not.

The only winner here was Kapoor for trying to make peace. SHE was getting looks and suspicion, and didn't let it affect her professional conduct. (That said, I still think she could have made a more forceful statement--something to make it clearer that Damar WAS both a sinner and a saint.)
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