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Re: Darren Aronosfky (!) a contender to direct "Wolverine 2"

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
I never thought I'd say this but I'm actually looking forward to Wolverine 2.
I don't see why this is so hard to say. By all accounts and indications, it'll have nothing to do with XMO:W, since it's set in Japan, there's been no solid indication of any shared cast besides Jackman, and Wolverine doesn't even remember the "first" movie. So, why bring so much baggage into a discussion of a movie that seems likely to be an implicit reboot?

An interesting question will be the title. Since there was speculation that the prior movie was in large part called XMO to let Fox say they'd make an X-Men, movie, thus extending the rights, what with X:FC, the new movie may not face the same requirement.

Maybe it'll just be called Wolverine?
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