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Re: New figures for 2010 including a look at 11th Doctor

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They even had an inflated TARDIS on the left side of the doors

The sonic screwdriver was $26.99

If anyone is in Iowa the store is Mayhem Comics
In Iowa? In bloody Iowa? Home of Radar O'Reilly?

I live in SW Ontario and no-one gets crap and Iowa gets that? The mind boggles.

Maybe you should check out some of your local Comic stores if there are any in driving distance.

I was surprised too. My mom was told about an indian store that sold Vindalo. We drove to the area and I noticed the comic store.

The only Doctor Who merchandise I previously saw was one witch and a judoon warrior at a Cd and hobby shop in the mall.

Imagine my surprise entering the comic store and seeing

the third doctor's sonic screwdriver

6th doctor blue outfit variant.

Black and white Hartnell

Third Doctor

Sea Devil

Fifth Doctor in 4th doctor clothing

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