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Re: Aykroyd Comments on Murray, Ghostbusters 3! Working on Script w/Ra

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Ghostbusters 3 will be so in line with Beverly Hills Cop 3, Die Hard 4, Indiana Jones 4, Blues Brothers 2000, Terminator 3, and other terrible late sequels whose names just escape me.
I'm a fan of 3 of those films so further proof that the loud minority internet haters aren't 'right' about them.
I don't care to change your mind, just don't make a blanket statement as if this were a truth.


All overly nitpicked.
Hm, and why can you make blanket statements as if they were a truth?
Because that statement is a truth.

The nitpicks of IJ4 were hashed out ad nasuem in the thread here. People would grasp at something, anything to complain about after the 'fantastic' elements were broken down in comparison to other IJ movies. When people have to resort to bitching about the color palate, lack of using the gun and more CGI than yeah, those overt nitpicks. Not saying its not A nipick one can have. The individual is just being overt about it at that point.
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