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Re: Why do non-fans think we think it's real?

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Incorrect. The real answer is that there are hate-filled people in this world who simply want to dump on others because it makes them feel big. My dad and my brother are two excellent examples. They both used to tell me how stupid and worthless I was because I liked Star Trek AND treated women with respect (in other words, I didn't bed them then kick them out, but that's a whole other story), while ironically ignoring the fact that my dad watched TOS and my brother enjoyed TNG.

Of course, they also told me I was a closed minded asshole because I don't drink beer or shoot heroin, but I ignored that.
Sounds like a fun family. And you think the entire world is like this, or that people have this stereotypical image of Trekkies because they are hate-filled? I disagree.
Well, I don't know about hate-filled exactly. I just donn't know how else to describe the feelings that I have encountered because I like Star Trek. My dad and brother was just one example. But I do think that people put Star Trek fans down because it makes them feel big.

We do NOT bring it on ourselves. I don't buy that. It's not like I go around advertising that I like Star Trek, but if asked, I don't deny it.
I've never endured any more than a little good-natured ribbing as a teenager about my Trekiness, so I can't relate to your situation as far as that goes. And I brought that on myself, by wearing Trek shirts, Kirk/Spock for president in '92 buttons on my jacket, and dressing as a vulcan on Halloween. Of course people were going to say something. It's ridiculous.
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