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Re: DEXTER Season 5 Discussion & Spoilers

Even better - Dexter not wanting to go after the slime balls in the slave trade and being blackmailed into it by Lumen, who recognizes that his skills in extermination and disposal will be just what her vigilante campaign needs.

Ironically enough, Dexter will become her slave. He can't kill her and he doesn't dare make her angry. Obedience becomes the only option. I just hope the writers have enough restraint never to turn her into an unsympathetic character or a big enough psycho that she will fit the Code and let Dexter kill her. It's so much more interesting if Dexter can't act against her - how does he get out of the situation before it blows up in his face and destroys them both? Not only does Dexter have to worry about being careful himself, he has to worry about Lumen, who isn't in any state of mind to be careful.

I think they have an incredibly good premise this season - maybe the best ever!
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