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Re: My Janeway costume

vas2009 wrote: View Post
Great Costume! You did a really good job! Now on to the more important things... YOUR HAIR!!! You don't have enough for the bun... might be able to pull off the Living Witness 'do. We will need another pic for "the bob" also if you go Living Witness you'll need black gloves and a black mock-neck underneath.

EDIT: I just saw pic of your hair... Computer slow So unless you cut your hair LW wont work. Janeway bob might or you can get a hairextention.
Yeah the bob definitely works. I tried it out. It's very easy to do. It's toooooo bad I can't go with the bun cause .... I's legendary

SPCTRE wrote: View Post
As I said in the photo thread - awesome costume, positively stunning!

I think you should go for the Year of Hell hairstyle.

Also, you know you need to get the original Janeway stainless steel coffee mugs now, right?

Ah, here's the Janeway coffee mug thread:
Arghhhhh don't remind meeeee!!! I really, really can't afford one right now. I'm getting my pilot license AND I had to pay for the books for next semester all in one this month, I CANNOTTTT buy it. Urgh I really want to though. Damn you for reminding me (I collect mugs too)

John Clark wrote: View Post
Great costume firecrackerrrr

Nice work on it.
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