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Re: Star Trek: Restoration - Onyx

MirrorKes7 wrote: View Post
Prin's deadpan "You're insane" made me laugh so hard.

Gotta love the Borg and the android teaming up here. Assimilating Ispaoreai Hyps'rat seems like SUCH a bad idea, but just crazy enough to work. Go Kane! Go Ianto! I can't wait to see how this goes. Great stuff. I thoroughly enjoyed this scene.
Glad Prin made you laugh. Then again, can't really blame her for her reaction to this plan.

Considering the situation they are in, you need an insane plan to get past the defences. And since Ispaoreai is a living station, assimilating it makes a weird kind of sense.

Gul Spook wrote: View Post
I can't help but wonder what would happen if the station would be assimilated. A living Borg station!
I know! Whether this works or not, I may just have to reuse that idea going forward. A living Borg Station, yay!

Gibraltar wrote: View Post
Uh... a Borg station with Laurentii technology and sentience? Of course! What could possibly go wrong with that plan?!?

This had better work, and work correctly, or a Laurentii civil war is going to be the last of the Federation's worries.

Man, I can just see that conversation between Prin and Starfleet Command. "I've... uh... got some good news, and some bad news..."

Set phasers to angst!
IE the conversation between Prin and Command:

Of course considering the political wranglings and infiltration we have seen so far in this series, maybe the Starfleet of this timeline would welcome the idea. Hell, if they have the technology they could assimilate the entire Laurentii fleet... Ok, maybe not a great idea!

Thanks to you all for the comments!

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