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Re: We have lost TrekBBS moderator Mallory.

Mallory was a unique person and I feel very fortunate to have gotten to know him during my time on the board, and especially as a mod.

I feel very lucky to have served as a mod with him. While he didn't say much, if anything, about his battle with cancer out here, in the briefing room he pulled the curtain back and allowed us to be part of his fight.

From its return, through chemo, through a bone marrow transplant, through a clean bill of health, and through its return again and his ultimate passing, he displayed a grace and courage that was inspirational. I don't think he once asked for our pity or sorrow, nor did he expect it. He was in the fight to win and had done it twice but cancer wouldn't take the hint.

The word inspirational sometimes gets thrown around lightly. Mallory was, without intending to be, an inspiration. His love for his family, his pride in his kids' accomplishments, and his steadfast resolve to beat cancer into submission made up the man.

The board and the world shine a bit less brightly with his passing.

Godspeed Mallory, and watch out for exploding rocks.
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