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Re: My Janeway costume

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How'd you do all that spooky half bathed in shadow thing?

It certainly doubles your badassity.
What shadow thing? Like how the red material wrinkles? You have to cut it in four parts actually. The front, the back and the sides which are kind of squared. Then you add shoulder pads and it just creates that effect because the material pulls on the other pieces. The entire costume has to be done in pieces to make it look as authentic as possible. The elastic around the waist has to only be on the sides. The zipper on the jumpsuit is on the back of the costume (same with the gray shirt). I thought about going for the jacket (which would have the zipper in the front) but I decided against it. The black portion is in 4 pieces. So are the pants. Also very important, the back:

The black material has to overlap on both sides of the back right under the red material and the overlap goes down to where the elastic begins on both sides. That makes movability a lot better.
I think he might mean the shading on the image, where you're half in high-contrast shadow.

I would attribute that to a dark room + sitting close to a bright light source like the window. It does make a great effect.

Although learning about how to make a costume like that certainly is interesting and cool! *takes notes* I'm going to have to do one someday.
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