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Re: My Janeway costume

Jeff O'Connor wrote: View Post
And roughly on-par with my own consumption, lately. Liquid or otherwise since this new job.

It is a terrific costume, though. And dare I say, and I only feel comfortable pointing this out because I know you're a lesbian, but you are awfully adorable in it. (It's mostly that look you're giving, which is, in turn, rather Janeway-esque, come to think.)

Nice lighting, too. The environment really brings out the command red of the uniform.
That's a very cool compliment! Thank you! My best friend who worships Janeway is here and he's been cursing the Gods cause I'm a lesbian. He's all over me which is incredibly dangerous. Bad bad boy!

froot wrote: View Post
Epic. So epic! I wanted to be Zombie!Janeway for a Zombie Pub Crawl last weekend (anyone in the Minneapolis area heard of it?), but didn't cobble together a costume in time - plus I would have had to ruin it with fake blood and I would have been sad. I had to settle for Zombie!Bro D Bag, complete with backwards visor and sunglasses.

I'm jealous! You're clearly a great seamstress, and you look great! And where did you get the badge?

I honestly can't think of a way to do that space bun without a wig or hair extensions. The bun defies physics, imo. The wig they used for that thing on the show must have been incredibly long.

(Maybe Janeway secretly loves orange Fanta)
Yes I agree. Arghhh wish I could do the bun. BUT my other option is Year of Hell Janeway. I can do the bob and I can easily add a faux latex wound on my face. I am NOT touching my costume however! No way in hell will I ruin this baby

ETA: The badge! There's this lady on Craigslist that's selling INSANE amounts of ST collectibles. She used to own a store but she had to unfortunately close it down (economy, etc). She charged me ten bucks and the sound effects still work! It's magnetic and makes that combadge sound when you click it.
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