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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

And another update:

What you're seeing here is that I've rebuilt the structural supports that connect the shuttlebay pressure wall
to the outer hull on the top side. There's a whole lot of work in there that I don't want to redo again. That said,
the primary plasma containment runs are visible here too. The secondary and the wiring trunks for the nacelles
and aft section still have to be completed.

I have to check but, I think there are a few more structural beams to create for this area and some cross-bracing.
And the conduit at this point is bare. I haven't decided what the shell is going to end up looking like; but, some of the
examples I've seen at this point would be a nightmare for polys. So that may go on the backburner until I figure a
way to do it without expending a fortune in polycount to do it.
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