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Re: Networks & Viewership Figures

With SoA, it's easy. I'm motivated to watch it right away. Ditto for Dexter, but I suppose since they've already got my money, it doesn't matter so much when I watch. Other shows like Chuck, No Ordinary Family and The Event, which are starting to lose my interest, end up piling up in my DVR. So things are getting even tougher for TV shows - they not only have to clear the "watchability" hurdle, they have to clear the "motivation to watch quickly" hurdle, which is a far tougher standard to meet.

I'm really enjoying Clone Wars on DVD but I'm letting S3 pile up since S2 isn't out on DVD for another week and a half. They should really try to get a season out on DVD before the next one starts airing, for exactly that reason. It'll probably be December before I'm ready to watch S3 and by then my viewing will have no value.
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