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Re: We have lost TrekBBS moderator Mallory.

Jeez, what a thing to see when you log in!

I remember when he took over from Richard (or was it Lord Garth's watch?).

He was the best to moderate TOS forum.

He was all class: and that's not just words. Just look in the archives to see how he conducted himself. He had cause to ping me a few times and rightfully so, but The Man new his forum and his posters and he was logical and fair, so he'd allow for a little "slide" now and then. Not to say that if you buggered up, he'd pull you in. But, he was fair.

He was witty, fun and dug TOS and the forum.

Although I don't post all that much nowadays, I'll miss seeing his name around.

See you later Tough Guy.

Bless him and his much loved family.
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