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Re: We have lost TrekBBS moderator Mallory.

I am heartbroken about this. As long as I have been a Mod, I have been awestruck by Mallory's courage and determination, and the humor and grace that he showed in facing a situation that would drive a lesser man to despair and bitterness. We always did what we could to offer comfort and support, but I think he was the one offering comfort and support to the rest of us.

I'll never say, or believe, that Mal lost his battle with cancer. The disease that assaulted him was serious and by all medical indications he should have been dead years ago. Instead he somehow beat it into submission. Twice. If, by the third time, his body was too worn out by the rigors of chemo to take any more-- well, by that time he had already graduated to the ranks of superhuman in my eyes. His incredible courage gave him more time with his family and friends that he appreciated keenly, and allowed him to share important milestones with his children that gave him great joy. And it gave us more time with him; time to learn from him about how to face adversity.

I'm a man who admires heroism, that special Human ability to somehow go beyond the limits of the possible, to give more than you thought you had and to put the lie to the fear there is no meaning. And I've never known, read about, or written about anyone who had more heroism in his heart than Mal.

RIP, John. This world is a better place for your being here.
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