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Re: We have lost TrekBBS moderator Mallory.

In my very first days on this intimidating place called trekbbs some 8 years ago, Mal actually took the time to acknowledge my insignificant, noobie existence I probably said something stupid enough to attract the moderator's attention... but I have never forgotten how much his kind words meant to me.

He was just a warm and welcoming soul. Many of us probably found him our friend before we even realized it. I'm so very sorry he is gone. In my five years with him on staff.. there were times.. heh.. when I needed a friend and well, he was there. He would find you and let you know that you were not alone... wrong, right, or otherwise - you were only human; doing your best. Mallory had a way of making you feel as though you would never be left behind.

I have only just begun to miss him these last few days. His personal struggle, documented over several years in the BR, was an intimate and immediate source of inspiration. It spoke completely to his strength of character and to his love of this life. The board, and a little piece of our world, will never seem the same. But its ok because we have all worn the redshirt in our time. We have all been in the wrong place at the wrong time when it was right to take a stand. Of our old friend, I can only say that despite his online persona, he helped us all understand that the joy and the work and the fun of life always, always goes on.

godspeed, dear friend
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