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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

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"The Voyager Bunch"

This one's brand new, and has "AMG" written allll over it, lol.
Yes! Thank you for bringing that to our attention! Full of win!

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You had a DS9 house?! Dang, I shoulda done that. I had a VOY house in Sims 1, and I tried to play it without cheat codes. I think they lived next door to me and Sailor Moon.
Yep, I had a DS9 house and the crews of Voyager and the Ent-D would come around for shore leave. They got up to some funny hijinks on free will. I want to rebuild it in TS3 one day when more Trek cc is available. Meanwhile, I just have Admiral Janeway and her new wife (ahem, "Mary Sue Self Sim") living in the former Wolfe residence.
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