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Re: Zack Snyder will direct SUPERMAN

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That's a different case, though, because we'd never gotten a big screen version of Batman's origin before. Even the first Burton movie mostly glossed over it. For Superman, we already have a movie that devotes half of his running time to exactly that. And did a pretty great job of it, to boot.
Yep, that's why I also said this: If they go with the element of Clark working abroad as a journalist that'll provide a prism of following his journey to becoming Superman that hasn't been seen on screen before.
But the basic arc of "Gee, what do I do with all these powers?" is still something that's touched on in the Donner movie and 10 years of Smallville. I doubt that the fact that it's going to be set abroad will make it any more interesting to sit through this time around.
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