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Re: Zack Snyder will direct SUPERMAN

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Or conversely, we could go the other way, with Clark as the much more developed, human personality and Superman as much more of an aloof, strong & silent type (a la the Fleischer cartoons). I can see either approach working with the right script, director and actor.
I'm all for that. I think after the Donner/Reeve movies and Superman Returns that a new interpretation and approach to the whole Clark/Superman dynamic is needed. Reeve's approach- and to a lesser extent Routh's- is perfectly valid but I'd like to see a Clark Kent that is more confident, a bit more self-assured.

I think in order to believe that Clark Kent is a serious, legitimate reporter in today's contemporary industrialist climate, the buffoonish approach might be a little unbelievable. Superman can be the strong, silent type- it makes sense anyway since Superman is a sort of Greek god archetype anyway.
I think that Lois & Clark was going for that sort of thing, but while I really liked Dean Cain's humanized Clark, his Superman always came off as rather wooden to me. I remember trying to watch the early 90s Superboy show when it was doing the broader, nerdy Clark. And while Christopher Reeve's nerdy Clark was great fun in a movie every 2-3 years, Gerard Christopher's quickly became grating when you saw it every week.

As long as Clark can still be legitimately described as "mild-mannered", there's a lot of leeway for them to play with his characterization.
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